Sunday, April 28, 2013

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 - iOS Review

Robot Unicorn Attack is one of the original endless runners on iOS. Now, three years later, the sequel is here, and I'm happy to report that the game is as addicting as ever, if not more so.

For those unfamiliar, you play a robot unicorn who runs through an endless chasm. On the way your unicorn will need to jump and dash. To make things even more difficult, there are now giants that you must dash your way through before they shoot their laser and blow you to smithereens.

Each day a new level will be presented in front of you. While fundamentally the levels look the same, the level layout will be vastly different. Some of the levels have long straightaways, others more giants and even others have lots of small rocks to land upon. It allows some variety to a genre that often feels like your playing the same game over and over again. It's a genuine nice touch.

Graphically the game has received a very nice and appealing face lift  At first, the setting may seem jarring, but once you see your first flying whale, you'll be delighted with the new setting.

Also, there is an intricate level system which involves a variety of challenges. From collecting X amount of items in X amount of runs to earning a certain score through in several runs, the challenges add a nice variety. Once you've completed the challenge your earn a store and can potentially rank up. Each new rank adds a new set of items which include new horns, wings, and steeds. These items can really alter the game. Soon, jumping goes out the window in favor of jumping and max speed is hit earlier and earlier. Endless runners aren't known for their variety and complexity, but Robot Unicorn Attack 2 has had time to learn from all the endless runners that have come after it and improves upon all of them. Is it the best endless runner ever? Maybe!

Daily challenges, team challenges and even another level which is more difficult (an ice level) are just some of the other features.

If there are problems, it comes in the responsiveness of the game. Often times the game stutters under everything that is occurring on the screen. Once flying enters the picture, often times I would press and hold to fly only to come tumbling down and smashing into a rock. It feels inconsistent. I hope they can hammer out some of these issues, because this is the closest to iOS gaming nirvana.

Even as I type this review, all I want to do is play. The game is just fun in a box. Best of all. The price is FREE! Who can pass that up? You can pay for better music (which include Erasure's Always and Never Ending Story) which adds a bit of fantastic on the package, but it is not necessary to enjoy the game.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is almost a perfect package. It's fun, it's fast, and I'm going to stop typing this so I can go play. Download this - now!
Overall: A-

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