Sunday, May 19, 2013

DIY Space Invader project - Free Space Invaders Pattern for Needlepoint

Today's DIY project will allow you to create a Space Invader framed item. The item is available here, but this item is a perfect entry point into needlepoint design.
Here is what the finished product will look like:
Materials needed: scissors, plastic canvas (size 7 Mesh), needle (tapestry size 16), black yarn, blue yarn and a mini gold frame (available at AC Moore / Michaels). See picture below.

You will also need a pattern for the Space Invader - you may want to print this. I have all my patterns printed in a binder.
Step 1: Cut your plastic canvas. Although the pattern shows 15 x 15, your plastic canvas should be cut 16 x 16. The reason the pattern shows it otherwise is because you have to compensate for the actual stitch. 
Step 2: thread your needle and begin in the second column five holes up. Always stitch going diagonal up right. See picture below:
Step 3: Continue making your design until you complete the black outline. Once the outline is finished, flip your item upside down and thread the yarn through the back.
Step 4: Pull the needle all the way through. 
Step 5: Cut any excess yarn off. 
Step 6: Begin threading the blue yarn. My advice is always start left to right.
Step 7: Complete the filling and repeat step 3 and 4 with the blue yarn.
Step 8: Disassemble the frame. Remove any clear cellophane off of the frame as your item will not fit with the cellophane.
Step 9: Place the Space Invader inside the frame and then push in the white binding that came with the frame. You should hear a click on the right and left side of the frame. This indicates that the backing locked in correctly. Congratulations - you just completed your Space Invader!

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