Monday, March 25, 2013

The Garden Challenge - Pikmin Tissue Box

This week I entered the Etsy Needle Arts Team Challenge. The theme for this challenge was "The Garden." I thought about going the Mario Fire Flower pattern route, but instead, I chose something completely different. I decided that one of the most famous garden games is Pikmin. As many know, "Much of Miyamoto's inspiration for games like Mario and Zelda came from his childhood exploring in the Japanese countryside; similarly, 2001's Pikmin came from his fondness of gardening" (The Escapist). This was the end result:

Here is the tissue box - pre-construction
The entire process was not too bad. Each Pikmin fit each side perfectly. 36 Stitches vertical. Here is a picture of the completed box

Overall, I'm very happy with the end result; unfortunately, the pictures make the green ganvas look a little more muted than it actually is. A small qualm. I'm hoping I have a shot, but other people's items are looking fantastic too. So far there are five submission:

Bridgit Bogg's "Rambling Rose" Art

Fun with Needles "Jumping Spider"

Definitely going to have a run for my money. Especially since all of these submissions are so elegant. For more info about The Garden challenge - check out Etsy NEAT (Needle Arts Team) Blog here.

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  1. Colorful and 3-D! Thanks for the history lesson. "game from his childhood exploring in the Japenese...ganvas" should be "came" "Japanese" "canvas"