Friday, February 15, 2013

Magic The Gathering's best handmade items.

Today I completed the posting of my Deck Boxes. These items I am excited about for a variety of reasons. First off - my Magic Deck Boxes are consistently my best-selling items. Second - their unique look and original design makes them something I am super proud of.

My items - of course - can be purchased at my shop

What I wanted to do was showcase some other amazing Magic the Gathering items available on Etsy.

First up Leifkicker's Koth themed box. Besides his gorgeous designs, what also makes his item special is that they are perfect for EDH decks.
Item available here.

Froggy Creation's D20 Bag is the perfect item for all your dice. I'm thinking about investing myself. His shop has a variety of different colors of this item.
Item available here.

Crafted by Design has created an item that is amazing for EDH fans. While $80 might seem steep, this item is worth every penny! It has everything for life counter to a hidden compartment for counters. I own one of these beauties myself!
Item available here.

Iamadecoy has some gorgeous etched shot glasses. He sells them in a variety of glasses as well. Totally worth it I'm sure.
Item available here.

Cherriesama has a set of 10 Ravnica buttons for basically $1 each. Pretty awesome. With Ravnica in full swing, this seems like the perfect investment.
Item available here.

For more handmade items: check out this Treasury.

Promote handmade items! These are gorgeous items and you should be sure to take a look at each of the stores (including mine!). Even just increasing their view count would be appreciated by these sellers.

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