Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review: Emmett, Kat and Fearless PS All Stars add-on

Playstation All-Stars was my game of the year 2012. I know it was an odd-choice for many, but for me - the game brought unparalleled depth to this type of fighter. But enough about that, let's get into a quick review of the new characters.

Emmett Graves from Starhawk:
Emmett Graves is my favorite of the two new characters. There is something about his movement and weight that feels natural. Emmett appears to be a middle tier character. His attacks are not particularly quick, but they are varied. Like Toro, he can switch his stances - or in this case guns. While at first this appears gimmicky, slowly but surely this becomes more complex. Furthermore, depending on what gun he has equipped, depends on his level 1 super ability. It's tricky for sure, and he is not newbie friendly (although, really, besides Kratos, who is?) but there is a curve that requires more of an initial time commitment than Kat. Emmett is a character who constantly builds energy. His most interesting attack (in my opinion) is his  turret, which auto-shoots and helps build energy. He really wallops characters, so he is powerful at both mid-range and close range. Playing keep away will yield little results; however, with his ability to summon a beacon that gives AP points, it is not an entire loss if you're against a character who likes to keep his distance. By far, Emett's level 2 ability is the most impressive. As a rocket hurls towards the earth, anything in its path is killed and it also has a hefty blast radius upon landing. His level 3 is also impressive as he enters a giant mech and could easily rank up 6+ kills. Emmett's not for the faint of heart. After many many battles, I'm still trying to figure out all his weapons and their best utility. Like Toro, Emmett is a methodical character and he can adjust to many situations, but learning him is not the easiest, and he is no powerhouse like Krators or Nariko.

Overall: B+

Kat from Gravity Rush
I believe Kat will immediately enter into popularity like Kratos and Raiden. She is quick, agile, combo heavy and she really does everything. Sliding across the screen, summoning objects to be launched at other people - Kat really is impressive in many facets. With Kat, there is definitely an ease of use, compared to many other All Stars characters. She is devastating at close range, and since she can close the gap quickly, other characters are in your constant danger. Combine this with a fairly impressive projectile and Kat may be one of the most dangerous characters on the roster. What really will set her apart is an excellent Level 1 ability. As she dashes across the screen, you can almost always guarantee a kill or two. While her Level 1 is excellent, her Level 2 leaves something to be desired. Maybe I cannot quite figure it out, but I can usually only get one kill with this super. She jumps up and shoots two sets of three projectiles, but controlling them or getting this super to do exactly what you want is not too easy. Her Level 3 ability is much like Nariko's or Jak's. Devastating in the right hands. Kat is an impressive character, she easily gains AP, and her Level 1 is vicious. As for her other Supers, they require a bit more finesse, but with practice, the Level 3 will shine.

Overall: A

Both characters are worth additions and feel right at home in the game.

I hate Fearless. It is a personal hatred. I actually think it is a worthy addition, but I just needed to get that off my chest. A cross between Heavenly Sword and Wipeout, Fearless is an impressive stage, but it lacks the cohesiveness of other levels. The level starts off basic enough. In fact, this is probably the best part of the level. It allows for action to occur in a normal and standard way. The barrenness really does give it something unique, and since it lacks any platforms, it really helps separate it from other levels. Then the second part of the stage happens. The left the stage is multi-tiered and feels like a tight confine, and on the right is an electric wall. I hate that electric wall. In the Infamous level, everyone always groans when they hit the electrical sign. But the sign turns off in that level. In this level, the wall never turns off. But in all my time on this level, everyone seems to hoard around it with the hopes of knocking someone into it. It is a disaster. Furthermore, because of the unevenness of the ground floor, the level forces chaos in a way that I have not seen in another level. Everyone either clumps on the right next to the electric wall, or on the left where it is safe. This is not a level for characters who like a keep-away strategy. The electrical wall is actually a track from Wipeout, so aesthetically, the level is gorgeous. But for me, the fun is kind of sucked out of it.

Overall, the level is a worthy addition. It has a unique feel, which is impressive considering nearly each and every other level does too. I just hate how chaotic it immediately feels. It reminds me of the first 30 seconds of the Uncharted level, but it lasts two minutes too long.

Overall: C+

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