Friday, February 8, 2013

My top five items of the week

This was my first full week of being back on Etsy. So far I'm pretty happy with how it is all going. Traffic is up,  as are shop views, but I did forget how time consuming the whole process is; nevertheless, it is all a lot of fun. Getting better at tagging and taking clearer pictures. Here are my top five items for the week:

#1: Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man in Love
Sometimes my most favorite designs are the simplest. Everything about this item I love. It is striking in its simplicity, and it is perfect with Valentine's day around the corner.

#2: Magic the Gathering Deck Box - Island
This is going to be something you see much more from me. Colored canvas items. They're easier to produce, which in turn makes them a cheaper price. They're exciting and they look striking. I am going to be creating much more of these deck boxes, and I plan on making a tutorial on here in the upcoming weeks.

#3: Portal Turret - I Don't Hate You
Another colored canvas item (pure white). I have made an item similar to this in the past, but I made it on flexible cloth canvas, and while the item looked good, it had some awkward tension. By creating this on colored plastic canvas, I can get the same striking image and it looks as good or better than my other items.

#4: Big Daddy from Bioshock
This is a remake of one of my most popular items. For whatever reason, this item, while my shop was closed, continued to get many many views. This item has been sold out for many years so I figured it was the perfect time to bring it back.

#5: Pixel People Mayor
I already raved in my blog post about how much I love Pixel People. I am still enjoying my time. If the game takes off, like I think it will, this will become one of my hot items.

And there you have it: My top five items. This upcoming week: look for my first tissue box listing of the new year, as well as a tutorial on how to create your own Magic the Gathering Deck Box.

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